Is your brain barely hanging in there?

Is your Brain barely hanging in there?

Do you ever catch yourself getting a little light-headed and/or a lot unfocused from the chronic, non-stop tyranny of tasks needed of you? The constant mental draining of problematic tools, processes or people at work, and still, with all this draining, you still feel like you’re drowning? If you also experience similar oxymoronic experiences, well, you’re not alone. And, please, hang in there with me!

Ugh. Sometimes I just want to say F it and “I’m going fishing”. In the proverbial sense of course. I mean, I just want to drop everything and run away to my happy place. Or teleport myself to any random place other than here. Here’s what I like to do to make sure escapism isn’t my go-to for coping… I mean, sure, escapism works magically. But all magic comes at a price, and don’t get me started on the sustainability of that life choice. To each their own journey of course, but on this journey we practice self regulation. More specifically, I take a Brain Break.

Yes, I enjoy implementing my “Break Break” policy whenever I need to. I learned the value of this practice the hard way.  Along the way, I tamed my inner critic to stop the mind chatter of, “What! A break!!! No, there is too much to do. Must deliver. Must…”. Now, I feel grateful to say that I have healthier behaviours to access. And these behaviours contribute directly to my self regulation success. So my go-to for managing stress and anxiety is often to take a Brain Break. 

How long is a Brain Break?

The length of my Brain Break will depend on the intensity of the stress and anxiety I may be managing through. Typically I will t-shirt size it.  A small desire for escapism may require a 5 min break. A medium want for escapism may require a 20 minute break. A large need to escape may run me a few hours while an extra-large escape could result in the planning of a weekend getaway, most likely into nature. The catch is, yes there is always a catch, that once the Brain Break is over, you want to get back to the problem solving, as agreed with yourself. Once you get back to work you will feel more refreshed, focused and creative to support problem solving. 

Brain Break Ideas for 5 minutes:

  • Breathing meditation
  • Walk to drink some water
  • Go outside to get some air.
  • Enjoy the sun on your face somewhere
  • Have a low GI healthy snack
  • Dance to a song like no one is watching
  • Self-massage, care for those pain points on your body
  • A body scan 
  • Stretching
  • Coffee / Tea / Tisane / Juice 

Brain Break ideas for 20-45 minutes:

  • Coloring or something artistic
  • Yoga
  • Walk
  • Nap
  • Connect with a friend or loved one

Brain Break ideas for the weekend:

  • Camping weekend
  • Technology Free weekend
  • Cooking weekend
  • Games weekend
  • Hiking weekend
  • Movie Marathon
  • Your own custom mix or breaks.

Remaining in the present moment

Notice how no use of mobile phones, tablets or computers are needed or wanted for these Brain Breaks. I won’t say they are off limits; however, I will state that their use is counter productive for the cognitive relaxation we are seeking. 

It is also important to note that all Brain Breaks require the break to be taken in the present. That means not in upsetting memories of the past or anxious projections of a future not even certain to come to fruition. Your Brain Breaks must be experienced in the NOW moment. Thanks Eckhart. 😉

So in Resume, IF your brain is barely hanging in there and is screaming for a quick fix of something you would rather not escape into, THEN choose to take a self regulating Brain Break and start being that new, best version of yourself today. Simply make sure your break is appropriately timeboxed and that these 3 rules are followed:

  1. Less tech.
  2. Less judgements.
  3. More awareness in the moment.


Enough about me. What do you think of me and my perspectives? Lol.😉Please, let me know your feedback or questions by using the comments on our social media channel of your choice. 

Much love, light and self regulation. 



“Always be Self Regulating”

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