About Jason Potvin


I’m Jason and welcome to BrainAdvizor. I created this brand in order to reach you and connect with you and share what I value most in my life, my life experience. I didn’t choose to invest in real estate, or in a local business. Instead, I chose to break my glass ceiling and seek out, self directed, self help. Two decades later, I live in my whole truth, I am rich with love and light and I share my personal & professional practices with customers through Self Regulation Coaching. My journey has been rocky, even traumatic at times, and I had to learn how to take care of myself in order to survive. Then I chose to learn to thrive. That’s when my life really changed and promoting mental & emotional health became a life purpose. 

On a more personal note, I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and then lived 7 years Downunder in Sydney, Australia in my late twenties to early thirties. Now I have two homes. My heart is big enough for both, and my views are global because, in the end, we are all one on this journey. So, from North to South, let’s get self regulating! 


p.s. I am indeed a big fan of bowties & Blue Steel


How ya going mate?

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Why I do 

I practice and promote Self Regulation because I have come to value it. Life experience is one of the greatest teachers we have but then again, I also value learning. Why I value self regulation is because I believe it saved me from annihilating myself, body and mind. Work more, do more, be more, get more, the insanity was never-ending. Or so I had thought.

Learning about my body, spiritually, emotionally, nutritionally and even physically, I was able to calm myself down enough to let in new beliefs that served me better. Many of these beliefs came from the scientific field of positive psychology. Over the decades now I have encouraged myself to be a scientist and practice positive psychology interventions on myself first. Having had first hand experience I can tell you that not only do I feel zen but I choose to always be self regulating.



What I do

BrainAdvizor is the mechanism for me to make that imaginary world my reality and now I want the same for you. Throughout our website you will find tools and videos and even podcasts created as current, quality education for you to upskill with self regulation and much more.

Now it’s up to you to dig deep inside and unleash your power. And if you need help with that too, I got you covered. You can start with a free positive psychology character strengths inventory. That is where I started, many moons ago.


How I do 

I do what I do by operationalising positive psychology, mindfulness, workplace wellness and all other mental & emotional self regulating topics, based in both science and spirituality. One of my superpowers is IT Project Management, so I decided to use my power for good and put BrainAdvizor through a digital transformation. Evolving self help into the digital era removes barriers to entry for people, anywhere. with an internet connection, to gain FREE help to manage work stress and anxiety from our site and social medial channels. Oh, we also employ accountability to support our growth. That means we have to be 100% honest and transparent with ourselves or else we would be cheating the science. Think of it this way, “Accountability = Tough Love”




Who am I 

I’m me, of course.

I’m an evolved version of myself, in my timeline, that has lived a great deal of experience, and in turn, those experiences shaped me. Coming from early childhood trauma I, against challenging odds, made it through from surviving to thriving. And, yes, I have fallen back on my ass a few times too of course, but each time I get smacked down, I get back up. I have to, because I believe that I am here on this earth to experience life.  All of it; the good, the bad, the neutral. It is this innate determination for experience that builds my resilience and fuels me to create BrainAdvizor content for you. I feel I have a mission to communicate, educate and create tools for my fellow human race to live lives with less stress and more happiness. I achieve my purpose by sharing self regulation coaching with all of you. Oh, I also love to kayak, to play board games, and all things comics, And Plants!


Who are you?

Who are you? Why are you here? Do you sleep soundly at night or are you challenged with work stress and anxiety? I wanna know so please connect with us whenever you can.



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