About Self Regulation

What is Self Regulation?

Glad you asked. Self Regulation at BrainAdvizor is the capability to effectively manage work stress and anxiety by up-regulating or down-regulating our thoughts, emotions and behaviours to achieve a mindful balance of personal and  workplace wellness. 


Self Regulation for Dummies

In more simple words for us laypeople, self regulation lets us live and work without burning out, losing our shit or dumping toxic outbursts onto innocent bystanders. We even get to smile too. 

Sadly, we were not all taught self regulation in the workplace while in school or even later in our work lives. Still, we are all expected to consistently overperform under chronic work stress and anxiety. Problem? I believe so. And I want you to know that you are worthy of using self regulation to survive and thrive. 

Personally, I love learning new skills and tools to develop a stronger self regulation capability. My inspiration comes from the science of positive psychology and learning from brilliant researchers who have started the work for us. By using positive psychology coaching tools to self regulate for personal and workplace wellness we are leveraging data and expertise in what works best based on credible, practical evidence.

The endgame goal is self-mastery over our self regulation capability but remember that it is not the destination but the journey that is important. 

Self Regulation as a quote:

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways. The person who masters himself through self regulation and discipline is truly undefeatable.”

– Buddah


Why would you want to develop Self Regulation?

I value developing self regulation because it makes me feel more in control of what I actually have control over in my life and worklife, “me”. My thoughts, my emotions, my behaviours are all in my zone of control. The rest is noise, distraction and toxic energy ready to infect me if I let it. Self regulating protects my mental health, emotional health, physical health and spiritual health by keeping me calm and focused on directing myself in a way that promotes wellness for myself and hopefully others. Blaming others all the time simply reduces your perceived sense of control and can leave you feeling like a powerless victim or worse, an angry attacker. I prefer to believe and invest into myself so that I can take practical action now to enjoy wellness in abundance later.

I always insist that you find your own, “why”,  but here are a few top reasons that my customers have shared back to me:

  • Managing work stress and anxiety

  • Healthier and happier lifestyle with less sickness and disease

  • Performance improvements across the board

  • More deep and meaning supportive interpersonal relationships 

  • Finding stronger purpose in life and work 

If you have a different “why” I’d love to hear about them on our social media channels!

I value developing self regulation because it makes me feel more Zen and in control.

How do we develop Self Regulation as a Capability?

The short answer for me… through self-directed education and coaching. 

The longer, more real answer, would include a commitment to embracing self regulation as a top personal value in your life. This would then support your decision making to ensure that you put yourself first and take the time to learn, practice and grow your self regulation capability.

Our BrainAdvizor digital self serve education platform has everything you need to feed your love of learning. Our Self Regulation Coaching videos are jam-packed with practical know-how and my specialised positive psychology coaching tools help you get your work done with calm, focused, fun.

Mindfully practising the skills and tools you will be learning is essential to your personal growth. Repetition is what our brains love in order to create new habits. Neuroscience has gifted us the knowledge that neurons that fire together, wire together. Simply put, the more you practice and get better the more your brain will engrave the “how” you self regulate into your unconscious mind. With commitment and time, you will be self regulating on autopilot like a Jedi.


If you are fed up of feeling overwhelemend or unproductive due to work stress or anxiety
take action now to Self Regulate.