Before journeying to Australia, I never really heard about coaching outside of a sports context, like Hockey. Now, I’m a certified Workplace Coach and advocate of the promotion of coaching as a key ingredient to self regulation. It just makes sense, and the research is there to back it up. But first, let’s define it.


How coaching Works?

How Coaching works at BrainAdvizor, is all underpinned by a Socratic Approach; rather than giving answers, we ask intelligent questions. I love that. Our customers do too because they feel more engaged, more understood, and more like a creator of their own journey. Our role during coaching is to hold a safe space for all of you to think and learn. Your role is to tap into your own inner power and solve your own problems with agency and full awareness.

Yes, of course we have a coaching model. It’s pretty robust actually and it’s interwoven with PROJECT MANAGEMENT, then cross-stitched with POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. Don’t worry, our coaching model is tight. However, it’s not our coaching model that will bring you value. It is our dialogue, our interactions and our co-created solutions that will bring significant positive change to your personal and work lives.



I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.


Online Group Coaching

Online Group Coaching equals more accountability. Let’s face it. We ALL need to be kept accountable, including me. This means we need you and you need me. We all need each other for a lot of things. Like, learning, for example. Did you know that humans learn better together? That we are highly evolved social primates that intrinsically need community for our mere survival. Um, so, ya, group coaching helps to stay motivated when you have a squad you can trust to be present with you, till the end. Even strangers, who know nothing about you, but are on the same journey as you, can become missing puzzle pieces to major breakthroughs. We all have a purpose.

Enter BrainAdvizor…

Always Be Self Regulating



If you are fed up of feeling overwhelemend or unproductive due to work stress or anxiety
take action now to Self Regulate.



Great question! Each online group coaching session is 1hr 50minutes on ZOOM. The guiding agenda is as follows:

  • a 5-minute warmup meditation
  • a 45-minute theory/reflection
  • a 5-minute break
  • a 45-minute participant discussion & group sharing of emotional awareness.
  • a 10-minute chilldown period [*optional].

*We suggest to use the time for self-care, journaling or catching up with squad members.


Actually, relationships of all kinds, including romantic, fall under our interpersonal relationships category. This means it is a part of self regulation from our perspective. Thus, of course, you can get relationship coaching  @BrainAdvizor. Just make sure to search our website or shop page and filter for the keyword relationships and all our available products will be visible for you to consider.

So glad you asked. I have the honour and privilege to be coaching you directly to coach yourself. Technically, I would call it, “train-the-trainer-self-directed-coaching”. But honestly, that looks and sounds horrible. Basically, I coach you through videos, podcasts, blog articles, quizzes, emails and any other digital modality I can, when I am not recording live in an online coaching group. When I am unavailable to lead an online group coaching session a fellow professional coach in my team will carry the torch. Cause we are all one.

For the mental and emotional health and safety of each human being in a BrainAdvizor Group Coaching session, the 3P rule applies.

the 3P Rules states that at all times we must all respect and values, without exception:

P: Support the PROTECTION of one another.

P: Ask the PERMISSION of one another

P: Be mindful of our emotional POWER when communicating verbally or non-verbally.

Other than becoming a better version of yourself each day, coaching benefits may also include:

  • Less stress & anxiety
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Feeling more empowered
  • Increased engagement at home & work
  • Improved personal performance
  • Profound learning and reflection
  • Broader breadth of perspective
  • More moments of Joy and Happiness
  • Career advancement
  • A deeper connection to self (mind-body)
  • Healthier Lifestyle:
    • Mentally
    • Emotionally
    • Physically
    • Spiritually

The research base on coaching is getting huge so I could continue but I think you get the point. 😉

Hmmm, I’m not sure how to answer that.

After you have done your work, your time, your practice, your progress, sure, perhaps then you will be self regulating like a Jedi and might even be coaching others. But why wouldn’t you want a coach then too? especially if coaching brought you all your success and health and happiness?

Perhaps I should simply share that I still get coached. Why wouldn’t have a coach if I truly believe in the value of coaching?

However, even if we stopped coaching ourselves, we will, as the saying goes, “always be self regulating”! So coaching can be viewed more as an ON DEMAND digital product, when you need it most.

Besides, BrainAdvizor is a lifestyle and a network and a e-com shop and a content library and so much more. Coaching, while it is our main product offering, is by far not all we have to offer.

This question is so relative.

Perhaps I can ask you first, how much do you value inner peace and joy in your life? How much have you wasted lately on bad habits or micro-addictions?

Not so easy to price something complex and personal is it?

All I can say is that we offer tri-tier pricing:

  • FREE
  • Pay what you; can/think it’s worth
  • Market Priced based on quality content

So, in short, no, BrainAdvizor would not be objectively considered, expensive. 

Yes. If you don’t already have… you will need a computer or smartphone with a web browser and a stable internet connection to access our FREE content or paid offerings.

Other than that, we suggest a pen or pencil and a writing pad for note-taking. Maybe even a nice herbal tea or coffee with a side snack too. gotta keep our blood-glucose levels balanced while we learn eh!