About Our Positive Psychology Tools

Most of our customers ask about our Positive Psychology Coaching Tools. The feedback is that they are curious to know what type of tool I’m talking about. When they discover our tools, then they say;

Jason, these tools are amazing. And they work!


What are Positive Psychology Coaching Tools?

People want to know what are positive psychology tools. Here, @BrainAdvizor, positive psychology tools are digital, tangible, practical and simple tools to exercise our mind and body. Or thoughts and emotions in this case.

Just as you would ride a bicycle for 20 minutes and get a sweat, you would follow our tool guide to play out the exercise and get a mental or emotional pump. Alternatively, you may want to cool down in which case another tool could guide you to hold space for a particular emotion, like inner peace, for 20 min in order to experience the whole life cycle of your emotion and grow further emotional resilience.


Our main types of positive psychology coaching tools are:

In the end, only you know how you need to learn. I respect Piaget’s principles of Constructivism when it comes to coaching tools. 


Why use Positive Psychology Tools?

Because no one knows you better than you. 

  • Framework.
  • Cognitive Enhancement (Science based intervention).
  • They work.
  • You can use several tools at once in a toolkit.
  • Reporting and Accountability.
  • Work alone or with a group (our suggestion).
  • Be a scientist. Experiment on yourself with rigour and credibleness. But have fun too!
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Knowing reality means constructing systems of transformations that correspond to reality.

Why Digital Self-Serve?

Why Digital Self-Serve as a delivery model? Because I believe that everything happens in Devine time. So, when you finally make that very hard and brave decision to handle a negative experience as a learning opportunity to self regulate. Well. I want you to have ZERO barriers to entry. Everything is about timing which means you, the customer, need to be in control of your timeline. Only you know how committed you will be to developing that next best version of yourself. And we are here to serve. Digitally 🙂 



Best advice I can give you, if you want it, is to download our FREE TOOLKIT which includes 3 of our Positive Psychology Coaching Tools for self regulating against work stress & anxiety.

Try it, and if you like it, put a ring on it.



If you are fed up of feeling overwhelemend or unproductive due to work stress or anxiety
take action now to Self Regulate.