About Our Dream Team

I always knew that creating our dream team would create success. Along with leading teams to use their strengths. As humans, we evolved to live and love and work, together. The magic is in the mix and I have an awesome mix of professionals working behind the scenes to help me bring self regulation coaching to each of you. I could never do this alone, trust me, I’ve tried. #Fail. The truth is, movements like BrainAdvizor grow on connection. Connecting with my team and all of us connecting with all of you to challenge the status quo on managing work stress and anxiety. Self regulation tools and skills need to evolve and the BrainAdvizor squad is in it to win it!

Please, allow me to introduce…


Joseph Dib

Marketing Manager

Hi! My name is Joseph! I manage tasks related to all the visual communications of BrainAdvizor. Jason had the vision for the new direction of his brand and my goal was to bring it all to life and to create a new, fresh and differentiated branding for BrainAdvizor. I have to say that I am very happy and proud of the final results! I am also the social media manager which requires me to co-create posts with Jason on all the social media platforms. I am a spiritual person and I enjoy meditating a few times a week to keep my everyday life in balance. I am also a big fan of He-Man and the masters of the universe!

BrainAdvizor-about-dream-team-aamer-saadi-Self Regulation-coaching-Jason-Potvin

Aamer Saadi

Back End Web Developer & Designer

Hey, My name is Aamer and I live in Toronto. I work on development of the BrainAdvizor website. When Jason needs a unique new page to showcase a new positive psychology tool to customers, I collaborate with Joseph to develop and deliver the page, for example. It is a fun and exciting experience working with my team here at  BrainAdvizor. I also enjoy overcoming the complex challenges we have to ensure a professional online user experience and learning new things about self regulation. Besides Graphic & Web Design, I love cooking, watching TV shows, and spending time in nature.






If you want to know about me, check out my About Me page or just click my pic.