welcome to the brainadvizor podcasts

Prepare for personal growth with deep & meaningful, tough-love, conversations about how to navigate work stress and anxiety by using self-regulation coaching. Explore a unique, experiential journey through each podcast by breaking the silence on certain tabooed topics and shining the light on positive psychology, emotions, and behaviours that serve us best. Walk away from each podcast feeling more aware of new tools, skills, and choices you can use to manage your particular work-life challenges to find more happiness.

Podcasts will share practical self-regulation coaching content, personal views, interviews, reviews, and hopefully lots of audience participation. I’m here to listen as much as I am here to talk. The majority of our content discussed will be inspired by the new field of positive psychology and other related scientific fields. If you work in an office, own your own business, or consider yourself a professional then these podcasts are for you.


Our Podcast page is currently under development to get ready to host all our new Self Regulation Coaching Content and Tools. Listen and plant the seeds to harvest your own solutions to managing work stress and anxiety. We are very excited and hope you bookmark us for future Podcasts.

We hope you’re ready to train your brain with us!

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