Self Regulation Coaching

Why use Coaching?

Coaching is the vehicle that drives you towards personal growth without having a burnout. It does this by not telling you what to do but rather guiding you towards your own authentic solutions.

Deep down, unconsciously, you know what you need to do to manage your work stress and anxiety. I simply reflect to you through awareness, just how powerful you are.

Transform work stress and work anxiety into workplace wellness by upskilling yourself and your teams into champions of self regulation at work. Why? To boost productivity of course. Just like science says.

Coaching also pairs perfectly with positive psychology tools to bring you joy and calm along your journey. It nurtures the conditions you need to succeed and win your ongoing  battle over managing work stress and anxiety.

Or else, how much longer can you keep this up?

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To get through the gates you gotta


You can’t learn new skills and tools for self regulating work stress and anxiety if you keep listening to the self-sabotaging voice in your head telling you that you know it all and everyone is stupid.

Gate 1


Gain awareness of what is well and unwell in your life. Learn to accept and let go. Acknowledge your feelings. reflect deeply. Get to know your whole self and figure out what you need next.
Create the Backlog.

Gate 1.5


Feel safer and more stable to learn. Create & practice positive lifestyle behaviours with a growth mindset. Coach yourself towards mental, physical & emotional balance.
Deliver in Sprints.

Gate 2

Self regulating

Practice, measure, get feedback, adapt, support, improve, grow into the best version of yourself that even you didn’t think was possible. Tap into gratitude and self-care and ignite the flame in others.

Continual improvement & scalability.


You do group fitness. Why not Group Coaching?

Science shows that we, “LEARN BETTER TOGETHER”, and I agree.

If you are interested to know more about self regulation group coaching 
I can help and share what I know and open up some new groups.

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