About Project Management

Project Management Rocks!

Project management is my jam. I have been consulting in project management since 2005 and I believe it to be the best compliment to coaching and positive psychology tools for self regulating ourselves. Project management is about significantly increasing your probability for success in reaching your personal and professional development goals by:

  • Providing an effective delivery framework to give you structure.
  • Helping to keep you on schedule and budget at any time in the coaching cycle.
  • Promoting learning from previous roadblock so that you adapt more efficiently.
  • Maintaining motivation so you stay focused on your powerful transformation.
  • Informing you with data so that you are aware and able to take corrective action.

What is Project Management?

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the delivery of an individual or team project to achieve specific goals(scope) with specific success criteria by a specific timeframe and within a specific budget range. Sound familiar? Of course, it does, it’s what we all have to do to get stuff done. Throughout the coaching journey we can help support you to Get-R-Done with simple project management tools to keep you honest and on track with achieving your goals.


Why Project Management and Coaching?

Professional Coaching, aligned with the guidelines of the International Federation of Coaching (IFC) is already considered a gold standard of coaching but I wanted to go one further. Our customers deserve high quality. So, I added an extra layer of project management support, in the form of self-serve content, to help throughout the coaching journey. 


If you are fed up of feeling overwhelemend or unproductive due to work stress or anxiety
take action now to Self Regulate.


FAQ On Project management @BRAINADVIZOR

We operate almost 100% online digital. We guide customer on their self regulation journies through digital engagement and education. Our products can be purchased then downloaded or accessed immediately via our SHOP page. 

All our digital products focus on self regulation of our mental and emotional health, with  a focus on worklife.  Being an e-Com keeps us pretty cabon neutral too, thankfully.

Our secrete sauce is our unique recipe blend of Positive Psychology, LifeStyle Coaching  and Project Management to deliver value and growth within your personal and professional development.

Our self-help video course products are typical in blocks of:

  • 30min
  • 1hr
  • 2hr
  • 4hr
  • 1 day

Yes. We accept Paypal and all other reputable, safe & secure online merchants services. Our preference is STRIPE.

Whenever you need or want to. The platform allows you to be an atonomous learner and access tools and education when you needs it most. 


We have lots of fun, interesting and inspiring content to share with you, both FREE and paid. We’re more interested in connecting with you and learning about how our tools hopefully made a positive impact in your lives.

We ask that all group coaching participants sign a confidentiallity aggreement prior to commencing a cohort journey. Whilst that is an acceptable approach we also encourage our participants to own their story. No matter how difficult, choose to live in the present with the truth and gain strength from the team.

Follow the Callendly Schedule instructions whener presented.

Our online group meetings are a safe and secure space to live each step of your self regualtion journey amonsgst like minded souls. We are all here to help one another. Our facilitators guide the group with firm guidlenes and development is acheived together.

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That all depends on you. How much you do the work. How much you focus, adapt, grow.


Here @BrainAdvizor we like to remind our clients that we cannot tell a flower when to bloom. Just as much as we cannot tell winter to turn into Summer. All happens in devine time. We encourage all customers to practice for progress, not perfection.

We have Head Office & Recording Studio in Montreal, Canada.

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As you can see we are eager to hear from you. 

Unfortunately running BrainAdvizor takes up most of my time so in order to help more people self regulate I had to sacrifice 1 on 1 coaching to give birth to our group coaching sessions.

Thank you for asking. I may take on a client once in a while but that would be it.