When was the last time you did a brain check?

When was the last time you did a Brain Check?

When was the last time you gave yourself a Brain Check? You know what I mean. Hmm, maybe you don’t. All good. A Brain Check is a high-level, self-evaluated, cognitive “dip” test to bring you awareness of your real-time mental and emotional health. It is also something you can easily customize and adapt for your personal needs. It is similar to asking yourself, “how am I doing?”, but with a lot more pizzazz.

Checking yourself before you wreck yourself

Self regulation is all about checking yourself before you wreck yourself, and that starts with our own brains. Before we give into that primitive urge to judge someone else, our personal duty is to, first, allow ourselves a “pause santé”, or health break, to acknowledge our mental and emotional state. Notice how I did not include “to acknowledge and judge”? I did this because I meant to. If you really want to give your brain a pause to check on it you gotta let go of the judgment. My last check-in was this afternoon, upon starting this blog, and it was completed successfully in like ten minutes!

Checking-in is not as easy as it sounds, hard to believe, yes, but indeed it is. Sometimes you can keep going so long on a task that you forget to eat or drink or breathe in enough oxygen. All of those deprivations would affect our brains.

You can feel it too, right? When your inner world starts to spin because of the flurry of interactions happening in unison. And I’m not talking about a symphony. I am talking about the reality of managing our day to day lives. Life has evolved from complex to complicated to chaotic in a matter of a few years. After a while of chronic stress our brains can go into autopilot and detach from our body, so to speak. When we are feeling more detached we feel less. Literally. We detach from our feelings so that we can stay on course to survive. It is a natural instinct built deep within our DNA. However, if we detach from ourselves completely, how do we get the auto-pilot off?

Creating awareness​

It’s a very serious question. By now you are probably questioning yourself, “am I on autopilot now?”. Lol.  No worries. It will be ok either way because the point of this exercise is awareness.

I like to check in with myself at least a few times an hour. If I don’t know how I am feeling I don’t know what action I may need to take to self regulate. Which means I am possibly going around like a HANGRY caveman or saying nonsense because I have low blood sugar before lunch. 

How do I feel in my head, my conscious awareness? That could be too difficult to start with at first and if so I highly recommend starting with a simple, easy to reference practice using meteorology, forecasting the weather, to tell how you feel mentally.  This tool helps people easily identify with their primary emotions in relation to their cognitive environment. 

What's your weather?

So Sunny weather would be like you feeling mental HAPPINESS and JOY… 

Rainy weather would be SADNESS or depressed.

Lightning and thunder storms would be FEAR.

Tornadoes could be like a bad SHOCK. Or windy weather could represent all types of SURPRISE.

And, well, a scorching hot +45 degree celsius day when you can’t move or breathe could describe a mental burnout state.

All BrainAdvizor tools and practices are organic, flexible, needing to be integrated with you and your experiences, your perspectives. Solve your problems. 

How long do I need for a Brain Check?

Oh, I almost forgot. For the length of your Brain Check practice I suggest timeboxing it to a certain time frame, like 10 minutes. This approach, if done appropriately, may lead to better focus and therefore, results. Personally, I find it pacifies my ego to know that it will be back to judging soon, in 9:34 seconds. 9:31 seconds. 9:29… Ironically, the results that you’re looking for come from performing less judgements. Lol.  So, do less to get more. Beginners can start at one minute if they so choose. There is no international race of Brain Checks or Brain Check Olympics btw. Oh Gods, there better not be…


Enough about me. What do you think of me and my perspectives? Lol.😉Please, let me know your feedback or questions by using the comments on our social media channel of your choice. 

Much love, light and self regulation. 



“Always be Self Regulating”

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