About your Journey

Self regulation is indeed a journey. There is no easy pill or quick fix. You need to do the work, but, through BrainAdvizor, I can make the work fun and safe. My background in project management consulting and positive psychology coaching offers you a solid foundation to create your own personal and workplace wellness.


About your Self Regulation Journey

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Phase 1

First, we need to discover where you are in your self regulation journey. You cannot get somewhere without first knowing where you are starting from. In PHASE 1 of the journey, my positive psychology coaching tools give you the solutions you need that are tucked deep inside you. Always remember that you are way more powerful than you think, and with the right process, you can flourish. 


Phase 2

Next we start to plan what you want your new life experiences to look like. Here we dream BIG but stay grounded with principles of project management. Goal setting, baseline data metrics for tracking progress and breaking down the work into manageable chunks. This PHASE 2 of the self regulation coaching journey focuses on delivering the upgrade you need to be the best version of yourself at this point in time. 


Phase 3

In PHASE 3 of the journey, it’s all about practice, practice, practice. I don’t believe that “practice makes perfect” because perfection does not exist. I do believe strongly, however, that practice makes progress and that is what we want to focus on. Here you get to tap into all my digital self-serve education content and tools to practice and develop your new skills in a way that works for you. Since all content is on my website you can access it when you need it and how you need it. 


Phase 4

Finally, in PHASE 4, you have learned the value of self regulation coaching and you are loving the new version of you. Mindfulness at work and home is now a top value for you and you are managing work stress and anxiety like a champ. I want to make sure this new you is sustainable, so I give you best practice coaching strategies to continue to set yourself up to succeed on your own. It is important to me that you create a lifestyle that you feel safe and supported because the only one truly responsible for your personal and workplace wellbeing is you!


ARE YOU READY FOR your journey?

Everything is easier with friends and supporters. I have the stats on how powerful group coaching can be but it requires individuals who are ready to be vulnerable and engaged. There are no passangers on this group.

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