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ICF inspired processes & techniques to guide you towards reaching your balance and power to create positive change in your whole life.

Project Management

Guidance on the "how-to", every step of the way, with simple skills inspired by world class, project management. Grow with us.

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Access to powerful scientific practices inspired from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience & social-emotialal mindfulness.


Help yourself, anywhere, anytime, with inspiring and thought provoking coaching content in podcasts, videos, blog articles & more.

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When it comes to self regulation it is hard to trust where information is coming from, and we typically have very little time to waste. Our customers appreciate our science-based, positive psychology tools that I explore in BrainAdvizor Video content and Podcasts. Whether you want to improve a relationship, gain more focus at work, sleep sounder or be more energised at work, BrainAdvizor has you covered.