5 questions to ask yourself about your Brain


Self regulation always starts with awareness of how we think, feel and behave. Take a journey deeper into self reflection by starting with what our beautiful brains are and then the below portals as your companions.

Does your Brain feel trapped?


For whatever the reason is, feeling trapped is not a feeling to ignore but rather explore and accept as temporary. It’s not easy but here is how I am doing it…

Who wants to buy a new Brain?


Sometimes it is all just a little too much and my brain feels overwhelmed, overused and screaming for a reboot or shutdown. Do you get this as well?

Has your Brain been overstimulated lately?


If you’re human and you haven’t been living in cryostasis then your brain is most likely overstimulated with our most recent world events. Not to mention the last few years of “The Pandemica”. Jeez, can you say, “general anxiety disorder”!

When was the last time you did a Brain Check?


When was the last time you did a brain check? When was the last time you did a Brain Check? When was the last time you gave yourself a Brain Check? You know what I mean. Hmm, maybe you don’t. All good. A Brain Check is a high-level, self-evaluated, cognitive “dip” test to bring you […]